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Melsta Regal Finance's 360° Trade Finance facility is a truly innovative and unique financial product in Sri Lanka offered to Import Traders. A total working capital solution, the main advantage of the 360° Trade Finance product is that it allows the business to take care of its core business functions of maintaining a good relationship with the suppliers and customers while Melsta Regal Finance takes care of all the other requirements ranging from arranging finance to providing ancillary services to grow your business.

Key Features

The Security/collateral to obtain facilities will be the goods imported and stored at the Melsta Regal Finance warehouse whereas to obtain Trade Finance Facilities from Banks, securities such as property should be mortgaged. Melsta Regal Finance Limited also offers standard Trade Finance solutions against security.

The Financial Products Offered under 360° Trade Finance Facility

  • Opening of Letters of Credit - Flexible and fast service in obtaining LCs
  • Import Loans - This facility provides the financing to enable you to pay for the imported goods and covers the period up to the point of sale.
  • Pledge Loans - You can pledge your fixed deposits as security and utilize up to 90% of the value of your fixed deposits as either an overdraft or a loan through this service.
  • Factoring - Send us a copy of your invoice when you make a sale on credit, and we will pay you up to 80% of your invoice value within 24 hours. We will then collect your debt on your behalf directly from the debtor.
  • Cheque Discounting - This facility is a very simple way of en-cashing post-dated cheques of your customers enabling quick inflow of working capital.
  • FX contracts to hedge against fluctuations in Foreign Currency (Forward Bookings, Options)
  • Trust Receipt Facilities - This fast and flexible service will help finance your business while we temporarily claim ownership of the merchandise.
  • Services Provided Through 360° Trade Finance

  • Expert advice on Trade Finance by an experienced staff at MRFL on negotiating terms of trade with your supplier
  • We arrange the best deal on insurance to insure the goods from the warehouse of your supplier in another country until your customer’s sales point in Sri Lanka
  • Import Insurance, Good in Transit, Warehouse Insurance
  • Clearing of goods from the Colombo port. We can even arrange for pickup of goods from the warehouse in suppliers country and ship to Sri Lanka.
  • Transport of goods from the port to warehouse
  • Distribution of goods island wide to the dealers of the customer
  • Maintaining records/inventory of goods in warehouse and the movement of goods
  • 24 hour security for the goods

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