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Melsta Regal Finance now offers savings accounts that bring you a wide range of benefits. Our Children’s and Senior Citizen’s Savings Accounts not only offers you a reliable savings option for your hard-earned money but it also guarantees you attractive rates of return.

The Melsta Regal Children’s Savings Account offers a range of benefits for those below 18 years of age. In addition to the attractive interest rates offered on the account balance, Melsta Regal Finance also offers scholarships for outstanding students, an attractive gift scheme or account credit for the gift value as well as a special birthday gift!

The Melsta Regal Senior Citizen’s Account caters especially to customers over 55 years old. In addition to the 1% higher interest rate offered on the account balance, we offer a Doorstep Service as well as the assignment of a Relationship Officer for the customer’s added convenience.

Benefits of Melsta Regal Finance Saving Accounts

1. Competitive Interest rates

2. Doorstep service to collect deposits

3. Special benefits for the direct salary credits

4. Ability to transfer excess balance monthly to a FD

5. Off-site ATM machines

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