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Finance Lease/ Hire Purchase/Operating Lease Facilities


Recognising the need for tailor-made financial facilities in Sri Lanka, Melsta Regal Finance Ltd. has introduced a range of customised leasing and hire purchase facilities to cater to a wide range of assets including machinery and equipment for an array of business sectors.

Catering to all segments ranging from Large Corporate, SMEs, Self Employed, Professionals and Executives, these facilities offer customised repayment packages that extend beyond the traditional realms of leasing and are redesigned with the unique financial needs of the client in mind.

As an added benefit to our customer, the Melsta Regal Finance has also introduced a unique bonus rental scheme to encourage financial discipline among our customers. Through this, one rental instalment would be waived off when settlements have been made in a timely and regular manner.

Benefits from Melsta Regal Finance

1. Pay on-time and be entitled to bonus rentals

2. Special discounts for vehicle repairs from Melsta Logistics Ltd.

3. Facilitate to upgrade/change your vehicle during the tenure of facility without any charge

4. Varied repayment plans to match your cash flows

5. Financial Advisory services

6. No hidden charges

7. Pre-approval services for professionals and executives

8. Options for registered and un-registered vehicles

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