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‘Auto GanuDenu’ provides customers with a one stop convenient hub to buy and sell their vehicle.

The relatively new facility allows customers of Melsta Regal the opportunity to buy and sell vehicles under one roof together with flexible financing packages and specialist advice to repairs on the vehicles. This new concept, initially launched by Melsta Regal Finance in the Central Province, will soon spread its services to the other main cities as well.

All you need to do is simply bring in your vehicles to this location and all promotion and publicity will be undertaken by the Company. The vehicles could also be parked in a secure location where prospective buyers could inspect the vehicles at their convenience. If by any chance there are any repairs that need attention, ‘Formula World’ - the state-of-the-art Collision Repair Centre of the Group would attend to it at a discounted rate. Sellers of vehicles could be rest assured that they receive the optimum value for their vehicle through this service.

Benefits of Auto GanuDenu

1. Provides a hassle free option where a range of vehicles could be seen in one location to suit the budget of the customer

2. Financing options of leasing could be arranged from Melsta Regal Finance

4. Attractive lease purchase packages together with the total solution of insurance

5. All documentation would be handled by Melsta Regal Finance

6. Customers could obtain discounts at repairs undertaken at Formula World Collision Repair Centre

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